Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Site Update

Morning everyone, just a quick update that we've removed the social media icons at the top of the page as everyone has their own individual sites, so when you go to About Us =>> The Owners, each owners Twitter, Facebook, etc.. is listed. The goal is to draw attention to their individual pages as Epic Nation doesn't and won't have a brand wide twitch or youtube or ... For those that become vested in Epic Nation, we'll add their name(s) to the site and link their social media sites also. Vested members are included in brand discussions, given first dibs on sponsor gear(whenever that happens), giveaways, contests, etc.. are listed on the site with their social media info, receive an unlimited use 20% coupon for the team store, and are able to list whatever items they want in the team store. To become vested however, you need to fill out the form, pay the fee, be approved by all 3 owners, have to agree to stay in Epic Nation(no turn and burn), and agree to do what the owners say(if an owner says we're switching to another game or game type if you're online, you'd need to change to that game or that game type). The one time $195 fee goes towards games, equipment, apparel, and other items for the brand. The fee is non-refundable but if at any time you leave us and come back, you won't have to pay the fee again. Family is automatically vested wither they decide to leave or not. For those that want to sponsor Epic Gaming to either get your brand out there or further your brand's outreach or want to know more about becoming vested, please contact LoganJohnston for further details. Game on, Epic Gaming Staff


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