Our History

Epic Nation is the brainchild of owner oOEpic_SlayerOo. The brand started back before Black Ops 2 was released and oOEpic_SlayerOo had just left Optic. He wanted to create a brand that had the best of the best players, giving birth to Epic Nation. During clan wars for COD: Ghosts oOEpic_DeathOo, oOEpic_SlayerOo played rounds with NCR's Sage and Logansryche. It was later discovered that oOEpic_SlayerOo was in fact Sage's real life brother who never kept in contact. 

Towards the end of Advanced Warfare/begining of ESO/FO4, Sage and Logansryche disbanded NCR and joined Epic Nation to spearhead a division in ESO. Today oOEpic_SlayerOo runs the PC division of ESO while both him and Logansryche run the newly acquired Paladins.

This brings the history to current events July 2017.


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