Saturday, January 2, 2016

Tweets, the book of faces, and shirts!

Twitter and Facebook links are now working. If you'd like to follow our updates on there our handle for both is EpicNat or click the buttons at the top of the page(whichever is easiest). Tossed the idea around of getting team apparel going last night to not only help generate funds for equipment but give our members pride in the brand. For BO3, oOEpic_DeathOo want's to do jerseys for him and EpicMagicShade while LoganJohnston would get a mets styled baseball jersey(his insistence). Everyone else who sticks it out with us would receive a t-shirt that mimics either the baseball jersey or e-sports jersey. We also had the idea of when February comes around of offering breast cancer awareness tees with the Epic Nation logo on it(still have a month to decide).


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