Wednesday, February 3, 2016

The good, the bad, the... Los Santos!?

     Have alot of news to report that's transpired the past few days! First off we've once again lost our eso trader in Wayrest but rest asured we'll be attempting to rebid on it to take it fir the next week. We're also so far the only active guild out there that doesn't require members to drop money into the bank which is most asesome.

     If anyone's noticed, we're also now! was taken and dot org was too expensive so we went with dot us. This is also one of several steps we're taking to make Epic Nation a professional gaming organization.

     One of our fans granted us with a digital copy of GTA5 for the xb1 so we'll probably be setting that up soon as well. That's about it but just remember to update your landmarks to the new site.


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