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Tuesday, January 19, 2016

The Future of Epic Nation

After carefully considering all things, we've decided to eliminate the regular side of the BO3 Division so it will be a pro only clan made up of oOEpic_DeathOo, LoganJohnston, EpicMagicShade, and 3 others. This will also let us focus on strengthening the ESO guild to make it the guild to end all guilds. We have a trader in Wayrest. Get your trading in while you can in case we loose it come Monday. LoganJohnston's been teetering on wither to offer players gold in exchange for an Xbox One console and copies of ESO as we're in need of 2 consoles and 2 copies of the game. If this is something that sounds worth it, message him via XBL for discussion.

Monday, January 18, 2016

WOOT! Gots a Trader!

Yes that's right! Landed the trader in the Outlaw's Refuge in Wayrest, so trading can now commence! Also for those in smaller guilds or guilds that have high inactive players, we're offering mergers to keep everyone happy. Merged guild owners would become officers. Also, we're asking our community that if they have any extra copys of ESO or extra Xbox Ones to let Rycon know over XBL: LoganJohnston. Rycon's in need of one and so is Shade.

Monday, January 11, 2016

Lost it Again

Yep looks like we lost the trader again(this makes 3 weeks in a row now). oOEpic_DeathOo said he's going to try and bid on another spot. Will let everyone know, hang tight.

Friday, January 8, 2016

.::LoGaNsRyChE::. The Machine in Me

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Site Update

Morning everyone, just a quick update that we've removed the social media icons at the top of the page as everyone has their own individual sites, so when you go to About Us =>> The Owners, each owners Twitter, Facebook, etc.. is listed. The goal is to draw attention to their individual pages as Epic Nation doesn't and won't have a brand wide twitch or youtube or ... For those that become vested in Epic Nation, we'll add their name(s) to the site and link their social media sites also. Vested members are included in brand discussions, given first dibs on sponsor gear(whenever that happens), giveaways, contests, etc.. are listed on the site with their social media info, receive an unlimited use 20% coupon for the team store, and are able to list whatever items they want in the team store. To become vested however, you need to fill out the form, pay the fee, be approved by all 3 owners, have to agree to stay in Epic Nation(no turn and burn), and agree to do what the owners say(if an owner says we're switching to another game or game type if you're online, you'd need to change to that game or that game type). The one time $195 fee goes towards games, equipment, apparel, and other items for the brand. The fee is non-refundable but if at any time you leave us and come back, you won't have to pay the fee again. Family is automatically vested wither they decide to leave or not. For those that want to sponsor Epic Gaming to either get your brand out there or further your brand's outreach or want to know more about becoming vested, please contact LoganJohnston for further details. Game on, Epic Gaming Staff

Monday, January 4, 2016

No Trader this Week

oOEpic_DeathOo just logged in and got a notice we didn't win the bid for the guild trader this week(that's two weeks now). Not sure what to do now. We could bid on it again with a higher amount and hope we get it but if we don't, we won't get that gold back so... it's up in the air and if members want to bail now, we won't be upset with anyone. Those that stick with us we appreciate.

Social Media Updates

Afternoon everyone, just a notice that links for Twitch and Youtube are now active. Both still reflect LoganJohnston's accounts however, youtube won't change the url unless there's 100 subs/followers and twitch refuses to change usernames dispite someone apparently offering this on request(I hate people who play favorites). We'll also be testing livestreaming over youtube/twitch once the capture card we ordered arrives.

Sunday, January 3, 2016

New Players

Would like to give a welcome to new players Ish00tstuffs, Lance Leonhart, Autogeddon, and Metal Oniisan to our ESO Division. Haven't put anything together for BO3 yet but will soon.

Saturday, January 2, 2016

Tweets, the book of faces, and shirts!

Twitter and Facebook links are now working. If you'd like to follow our updates on there our handle for both is EpicNat or click the buttons at the top of the page(whichever is easiest). Tossed the idea around of getting team apparel going last night to not only help generate funds for equipment but give our members pride in the brand. For BO3, oOEpic_DeathOo want's to do jerseys for him and EpicMagicShade while LoganJohnston would get a mets styled baseball jersey(his insistence). Everyone else who sticks it out with us would receive a t-shirt that mimics either the baseball jersey or e-sports jersey. We also had the idea of when February comes around of offering breast cancer awareness tees with the Epic Nation logo on it(still have a month to decide).

Friday, January 1, 2016


Hey everyone, just a notice that we finally tossed something into that blank column that failed to go away. More things will appear in that column as time goes on. Gameplay's come to a stand still on ESO as players are either switching over to BO3 or Fallout 4. The guild's morely there now for new players wanting something to do, and if we loose the guild trader for the second time in a row, that will be the nail in the coffin for us on activity.